Who We Are

Cameron Trinity was formed in 1999 to offer our clients a fully integrated approach to tax and financial planning.

We are a firm of Independent Financial Advisers. We use the process of financial planning to provide our clients with intelligent advice. Our role is to help you organise and plan your finances so you can decide what you want out of life. Our aim is to put you in charge of your finances so that you can manage them with confidence and learn how to make good financial decisions.

The Director

Linda Hulls BA(Hons) CTA CFPcm Chartered FCSI 

Linda is our technical and tax expert, having worked with the HM Revenue & Customs before joining a leading firm of accountants in Oxfordshire. She took over Cameron Trinity in 1999. Linda is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Taxation and Chartered Tax Adviser, as well as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Financial Planning (Chartered FCSI) and Certified Financial Planner (CFPcm).
Linda is supported by three members of staff.

The Institute of Financial Planning

Brief History

The IFP was formed in 1986 and currently serves a membership of 77 Fellows and more than 900 CFPcm licensees in the UK through a programme of national events and training courses. General membership is drawn from all parts of the financial services community.

The CFPcm certification is not based on an exam, but it is awarded on the successful presentation of a case study that tests the ability of the adviser to apply complex technical knowledge in the preparation of a financial plan.

To become a Fellow of the Institute of Financial Planning is considered to be the most prestigious title in the financial planning world and requires successful completion of 12 hours of rigorous financial planning examinations, which again require the application of technical knowledge to the preparation of personal and business financial plans under exam conditions.

Qualified Financial Planner professionals carry the internationally recognised CFPcm designation that is governed by Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB).

In the UK, the Institute of Financial Planning (IFP) is the exclusive licensee of the CFPcm mark. It certifies, upholds and monitors the professional standards of Financial Planning practitioners to protect the interests of members of the public, thus ensuring that they receive proper financial advice from Institute members at all times.

CFPcm is Financial Planning’s highest standard – “the mark of the professional”.

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