From 1st January 2018

All fees are subject to VAT, unless exempt or outside the charge to VAT.

Financial Plan (joint)

Financial Plan (single)

Financial Plan for child aged under 30 (Children of existing clients only)*

£ 3,740

£ 2,800

£ 970


Hourly rates (charged by the minute)


Consultancy fees (ad hoc work)


Mortgage advice, Tax, Pension and Investment Planning


Technical Support (Accountancy and Tax compliance, financial paraplanning)


General administration




Initial meeting at our offices (first 45 minutes)

No Charge

Initial meeting charges thereafter


Travelling time in respect of meetings outside of our offices


* One child per plan only


Invoices and account reconciliations are generally issued to clients every three months and at least annually.

Commissions or other payments received by Cameron Trinity in excess of £25 are recorded against the relevant client account and the value of that commission and/or payment is offset against our fees in the quarter in which they are received.


Financial Plan

The fee for the plan includes the following:

  • Initial meeting to discuss your own and your partner’s current financial and future plans
  • Obtaining comprehensive up to date information on your existing pensions, insurances and investments
  • Providing an estimate of your (joint) assets and liabilities, current asset allocation and liquidity
  • Estimating your (joint) net income and outgoings both now and on retirement.
  • Providing estimates of your long term cash flow projections
  • Examining your cover in the event of premature death or long term illness
  • Reviewing your potential inheritance tax liabilities
  • Making general recommendations to mitigate tax liabilities, improve your pension arrangements and construct a long-term financial plan.
  • Final meeting (up to one hour) to discuss these recommendations.

Mortgage Advice

Mortgage advice includes the following:

  • Advising you on your borrowing limits;
  • Discussing with you the type of mortgages available;
  • Advising you on suitable repayment vehicles;
  • Selecting a mortgage lender for you;
  • Explaining the charges and penalties relating to the particular mortgage;
  • Assisting you, where practicable, with the paperwork;
  • Advising you of any additional insurance or protection policies which may be appropriate.



What will be included and charged.

  • Every minute we spend working for you is chargeable at the hourly rate, which is reviewed annually. To avoid confusion, here are some typical items which you must expect to have billed.
  • Consultant attendance time, including taking instructions etc. and discussing your case over the phone.
  • Time spent preparing and checking reports, quotations and figures.
  • Time spent updating your records on our databases;
  • Time spent on investment research and preparing comparisons. We are bound to offer suitable advice, and must be able to demonstrate and document that this has been done in each case.
  • Time spent discussing your affairs with third parties, such as insurance companies or investment managers.
  • Time spent preparing invoices and issuing reminders;
  • Consultant travelling time and costs attending meetings.
  • The cost of time spent on compliance with the Financial Conduct Authority and other regulatory bodies.
  • Where other professionals such as accountants or solicitors have introduced a client to Cameron Trinity, we shall send copy correspondence to them, unless otherwise directed by the client.

All of the above will be charged at the current hourly rate. 


  1. Fees for routine administration will depend on the complexity of the work and the level of expertise required to undertake it. Hourly rates start at £80 per hour + VAT.
  2. Fees for technical, accountancy, tax work and consultancy work will depend on the complexity of work and the level of experience required to undertake it. Fees for this work will range from £134 to £277 per hour. We will always try to apply the most appropriate level of expertise to the work that needs to be done.
  3. Commission offset is defined to mean that the value of commissions available from a product provider is used to reduce the fees which would otherwise be chargeable at the agreed hourly rate. It should be understood that if the commissions anticipated and disclosed on the relevant product illustration(s) are not received for whatever reason, then the balance of the fees against which the value of the commission was due to be offset becomes payable in full within 14 days. Please note that the commission itself is not payable to you under any circumstances.
  4. Please note that commission payments of less than £25 will not be credited to your account in view of the administrative costs in dealing with such small sums.

Cameron Trinity reserves the right to impose a late payment surcharge of 1% per month on outstanding fees.

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